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L2 NVQ Diploma in Plastering (Construction) – Fibrous (Basic)



About this course

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the knowledge, skills and competence demonstrated by an individual in the workplace. This Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plastering ‐ Fibrous (Basic) provides the opportunity for individuals who specialise in fibrous plastering to demonstrate their competence. The units in this qualification are derived from National Occupational Standards.

The Rule of Combination (RoC) below specifies the combination of units that need to be achieved for the individual to be awarded the qualification.

Mandatory Units

  • Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace.


    Comply with all workplace health, safety and welfare legislation requirements., Recognise hazards associated with the workplace that have not been previously controlled and report them in accordance with organisational procedures., Comply with organisational policies and procedures to contribute to health, safety and welfare., Work responsibly to contribute to workplace health, safety and welfare whilst carrying out work in the relevant occupational area., Comply with and support all organisational security arrangements and approved procedures.

  • Supervising Historical Conservation/Restoration Activities in the Workplace


    Carry out supervision activities of historical conservation/restoration activities which will minimise disruption and maintain optimum performance., Observe current legislation and official guidance appropriate to the work environment., Identify and assess defects and problems, and recommend and implement corrective action which conforms to safe working methods and practices., Keep accurate records of work progress checks, defects, problems, corrective action and quantities involved., Identify, assess and maintain the necessary resources for historical conservation/restoration activities.

  • Controlling Project Progress against Agreed Programmes in the Workplace


    Develop and implement systems to monitor and record the progress of the project against the agreed programme(s)., Collect progress information regularly and summarise it for relevant people., Identify inadequate or inappropriate resources, inform relevant people, and specify and obtain alternative resources., Identify and quantify any deviations from planned progress which have occurred, or which may occur, that could disrupt the programme., Investigate the circumstances of any deviations thoroughly and agree and implement appropriate corrective action., Recommend options to relevant people that aim to maintain or improve cost and progress., Inform relevant people about changes to the operational programme, resource needs and suggest the decisions and actions that need to be taken to maintain progress., Identify improvements to progress from feedback received and recommend them to relevant people.

  • Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace


    Comply with given information when moving, handling and/or storing resources., Know how to comply with relevant legislation and official guidance when moving, handling and/or storing resources., Maintain safe working practices when moving, handling and/or storing resources., Select the required quantity and quality of resources for the methods of work to move, handle and/or store occupational resources., Prevent the risk of damage to occupational resources and surrounding environment when moving, handling and/or storing resources., Complete the work within the allocated time when moving, handling and/or storing resources., Comply with the given occupational resource information to move, handle and/or store resources to the required guidance.

  • Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace


    Communicate with others to establish productive work practices., Follow organisational procedures to plan the sequence of work., Maintain relevant records in accordance with the organisational procedures., Maintain good working relationships when conforming to productive working practices.

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