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CPCS Card: Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS Technical Test)

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Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) card proves that you are competent in operation of the vehicles you use and have health and safety awareness.  Most contractors and clients now demand proof of competence, before allowing workers onto their sites, which is provided by a CPCS card, not having a CPCS card may affect your ability to work on Major Contractor’s sites.

Due to changes to the Construction Plant Competence Scheme that came into effect on 1st August 2008, we have formed a new company C&G Training Solutions which is an accredited CPCS Test Centre, with sites in Mobberley and Doncaster, delivering the CPCS Technical Test.  The CPCS Technical Test is a new core element which applies across all categories of Plant in order to obtain a CPCS Operator Card.  This card lasts for 2 years in which time the operative will need to achieve a NVQ Level 2 Certificate / Diploma in the category of plant on their card.  The card can then be upgraded to a full Blue Competence Card.

Who’s the course for?
An Operative who has the relevant experience to pass the CPCS Technical Test.  If they do not have the relevant experience any necessary training would need to be carried out to bring them up to the required standard.  They must also pass the ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test before any testing or training begins (if not passed in the last 2 years).

Course Aims and Objectives
The CPCS Technical Test proves that an operative is competent in operating the category of plant they use and also that they have a sound awareness of health and safety.

The Theory Test needs to be passed before the Practical Test can take place.  The Theory Test is valid for 6 months from achievement date for the purpose of progression on to the Practical Test, although these can be done on the same day.  Time limits are set for both the Theory and Practical, the Theory Test is 1hr 15 minutes for every category but the times for the Practical Test vary according to which category of plant is being used.

For more information about times and what’s involved in the Technical Test go to http://www.cskills.org/centreandschool/cpcs/

On successful completion of the Technical Test the operative will gain a Red Trained Operator Card.  The card lasts for 2 years in which time the operative will need to achieve a NVQ Level 2 Certificate / Diploma in the category of plant on their Red Card, this will enable the operative to upgrade to a full Blue Competence Card.

Categories of Plant we are accredited to offer:

A02B Crawler Crane over 10 tonnes
A04A Tower Crane – Trolley Jib
A04B Tower Crane – Luffing Jib
A09A Forward Tipping Dumper – Wheeled
A09B Forward Tipping Dumper – Tracked
A10 Excavator 180° below 5 tonnes
A12 Excavator 180° above 5 tonnes
A16 Industrial Forklift Truck
A19 Grader
A20A Hoist – Rack & Pinion Goods
A20B Hoist – Passenger/Goods combined
A21 Wheeled Loading Shovel
A22 Tracked Loading Shovel
A27 Mobile Elevating Work Platform – MastClimber
A31 Ride on Roller
A34 Crawler – Tractor/Dozer
A35 Crawler – Tractor/Side Boom
A36A Lorry Loader – Hook
A36B Lorry Loader – Clamshell Bucket
A36C Lorry Loader – Hydraulic Clamp
A39 Skip Handler
A40 Slinger/Signaller
A41 Loader/Compressor
A42 Crusher
A43 Screener
A50 Loader/Securer – STGO
A56A Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis – Up to 15 tonnes
A56B Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis – All Sizes
A57A Dump Truck – Rigid Chassis – Up to 15 tonnes
A57B Dump Truck – Rigid Chassis – Up to 50 tonnes
A57C Dump Truck – Rigid Chassis – All sizes (wheeled)
A57D Dump Truck – Rigid Chassis – Tracked
A58A Excavator 360° below 10 tonnes – Tracked
A58B Excavator 360° below 10 tonnes – Wheeled
A59A Excavator 360° above 10 tonnes – Tracked
A59B Excavator 360° above 10 tonnes – Wheeled
A61 Appointed Person – Lifting Operations
A62 Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor
A63A Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane – Up to 36m – 100m/te
A63B Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane – Inclined Jib

Training Method
The CPCS Technical Test is in 2 parts a theory test (which incorporates questions relating to underpinning knowledge, specific category and environmental related Health and Safety and operators rights and responsibilities and a practical test of ability.

Methods of Assessment
Theory Test – Verbal questioning
Practical Test – Practical assessment of ability

Red Trained Operator Card

Cost – Contact the office as costs vary depending on which category of plant is being used

Grants are available to companies who pay Levy for full details visit www.cskills.org/levy-grant/grant/ or alternatively contact us.

To book a test complete the enquiry form or call us on 01246 589446